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muitas formalitātes

Processing of customs formalities

Our experienced customs brokers will handle customs formalities of any complexity.

We carry out customs clearance of both private and commercial shipments.


Customs specialists with almost 30 years of experience will provide a full range of customs clearance services in Riga, Latvia. We carry out cargo import, export, transit and TIR formalities. Certificates of origin, EUR1, ATR. Check the requirements and tax rates, import duties. Customs consulting.


When selling goods to foreign countries, if the recipient is in the European Union, in some cases it is necessary to prepare T2L  or T2LF declaration. If the recipient is outside  of the European Union, it is necessary to form an export declaration. When exporting a product, it is necessary to make sure that the export of the given product is not subject to any restrictions or sanctions.

  • Clearing of T2L and T2LF

  • Clearing of export declarations

  • Arranging certificates of origin, EUR1, ATR and other certificates

  • Certificates of non-preferential origin.

eksporta muitas formalitātes uz visu pasauli
importa muitas formalitātes no visas pasaules


Before purchasing of the product, we recommend that you check with us what the requirements are for customs clearance and what taxes you will have to pay when the product is cleared. In some cases, import duties or other taxes are applied when purchasing a product, which significantly affects the final cost of the product. By preparing all the necessary documentation in time, it is possible to avoid other additional costs. It is important, when ordering a product, to make sure that the specific product is not subject to any restrictions or sanctions.

  • Clearing of import customs formalities

  • Veterinary, sanitary and customs controls

  • Arranging of transit and TIR carnets

  • Consulting and other services.

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